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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Unity, Godot
Tagsanimations, free, Godot, Magic, maker, mv, mz, pack, RPG Maker
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Get this asset pack and 57 more for $39.90 USD
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On Sale!
5% Off
$19.99 $18.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

2021 Wave 1 ACCESS KEY PACK #8.zip 53 MB


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ManuGamingCreations , quick question for you. From you and some others, I've seen folks do the element of Earth/rock before so I have to ask you. Will you be doing the element of Nature/plants by any chance? Just curious. Thanks!

Hello! It's planned to be released on my Patreon one day!

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I purchased this, imported all *.efkefc files over, all textures and models, and then copied and pasted the animations from the sample project, but none of them are showing in game. They're selectable, but are just black screens.

Am I missing something?

Edit: Got it, had to keep the Textures in their folders. Whoops. :) Great work!

Hello, make sure to leave the file hierarchy as it is. Moving the Texture subfolders & files could mess up the animations.

hey question. it says that the keys are 9.99$ but get eveything is 121.05$ wouldn't buying the both keys get me everything or am i missing something?

You're right I had wrong settings for whole Bundle price thanks for pointing that out!
However buying the keys should work as usual: Get the Key & all related products price will be set to 0$.
All products bundle price should be the correct price now, thanks again.

np your animations are awesome. i look forward to using them someday :3

I'm waiting for offers, I hope that in christmas xD

Here in Brazil Dollar is overrated. T_T

Hello, it's already an offer!
ACCESS KEYS are already way to buy individual animations or mini packs for a reduced price.

However, I'll suggest you to wait for these packs to release on Steam in Degica DLC Shop, when they'll decide to put it on sale it will be really cheap.

( When it will be on Steam ALL of what I made until now will be 19.90$, so wait for December/January when it will come on Steam, it's the lowest price you'll get )


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Are these sprites? Can I use these in any 2d engine? 

If I use them in RPG maker do I need to use them as displayed in your sample game? Or can I use the effects on the overworld?

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Hello! Yes these are provided with PNG version too. But it will be a bit different from what you see in the preview GIFs. The GIF are records of MZ version ( 60 fps ). RPG Maker MZ does not use PNG for animations.

The PNG version are designed for RPG Maker MV ( but can be used in any other engine, overworld, wherever you want). Please keep in mind since they are designed for RPG Maker MV it will be spritesheet made of 192x192 cells.

Any chance you could group all 2020 animations into a single pack?

Into 1 ZIP file you mean ?

I was hoping to purchase them all in one go, if not, no big deal.  

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It's already the case if you want to buy them all ( the 2020 ones ). It's in a bundle for 14.90$ ( all 2020 at the same time ) => click on one animation in the 2020 collection and you should see the bundle buy button -> 'buy this product and 22 more...' something like that.

Here is the link, it shows all that you get in this bundle ( for 2020 ) : https://itch.io/s/43575/2020-animations-pack-for-vx-ace-mv-mz-

I see. Thanks for replying. BTW, could you make some more anims for physical attacks, like slash or punch, something not too fancy. I saw you've made a slash anim, but I'll probably use it for a Fire Sword or Power Sword, but not for a short sword. ;)

The Idea is interesting. I keep it on the list. I got many suggestions I have to make before. But it will be here if I can make a good pack with these.

this include effekseer animations for mz?

Not directly, if you buy this you'll have access to all 2021 Animations WAVE 1 animations for FREE.
The products will be 0$ for you ( if you have a linked itch.io account ).
And yes it will be MZ effekseer animations, and I'll convert the maximum to MV & VX Ace if possible.

And you will have access to all future animations included in this category too.
Now there is only 4, but I plan to put 15 products in. ( 1 product = 2 or 3 animations, for example fire level 1, fire level 2, fire level 3 ). So it will be approximately 40 animations total for this category.

Hello, I would like to know when I buy this, what animation I can get? Is there any preview?

Hello, thanks for noticing I didn't put the link in description. 
Here is the collection : https://itch.io/c/1332439/2021-wave-1-animations
Please note you can purchase products individually, the 'Access Key' just make all products in that category -100% for you.
Consider it as an 'early access' price. ( since not all animations in this pack has been done yet ).

And MZ animations are made first, the maximum will be converted to MV  & VX Ace. But it won't be always possible.