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12+ Animations!

Get slashes, wind, earth and ice magic in this pack!

== Effekseer / RPGM MZ ==

 Make sure you updated your effekseer plugins and libs before using the effekseer version in RPG Maker MZ!

== RPG Maker MV / VX Ace ==

A sample project is included for RPG Maker MV, for easy importation. For VX Ace, only the graphics files are provided.

== Other Engines == 

* Animations spritesheets : 192x192 / frame, designed at 15 FPS.

== Terms Of Use ==

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GenreRole Playing
TagsAnimation, beam, effekseer, Godot, Magic, maker, mv, mz, Unity


Get this asset pack and 50 more for $29.90 USD
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On Sale!
5% Off
$11.99 $11.39 USD or more

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MGC_W2_Slashes&AoE_V1.0.zip 29 MB

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Does an effekseer animation come as a gif or some effekseer file? I don't have MZ, but I was thinking of splitting up a gif into frames and using it in a different way, but manually doing it myself.

What file do the effekseer some with?

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Effekseer animations are particle-based animations.
You can open the files in the free Effekseer software and export them as single frames or spritesheet (automatically generating transparent background if needed).

thank you that's perfect! I really appreciate it! I'm gonna desk a blank effekseer as a test, to make sure it works, but I'll be buying your stuff in the future! Great work

Hello!I like them! Can you try to make animations similar to those containing wings + light elements in future projects?That must be cool!


Hello, nice idea! Kind of 'Light Magic' pack!