A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A short 20/30  min game with a cute story and real time battle!

Start your adventure with Baby McBee now!

[ V1.0.5 ]
- Bug fixes. Nothing should be game breaking now. Thanks for all feedback.

- Improved some 'Strong Attack' animations.




for your assets.(Sprites, plugins).







for your early feedback and suggestions.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAction, Fighting, Role Playing
Tagsgame, maker, mz, real, time


Baby McBee v1.0.6.zip 314 MB
Baby McBee_v1.0.6_macOs.zip 469 MB


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I'm not sure if someone's wrong on my end but when I attempted to play this, there's a failed to initialize graphics error.

Hi there, could I have a screenshot please? ( It never happened before ) Thanks!

here's a screen shot of what popups. I am supposed to click on Game right??? I don't see anything else that would resemble an application. as much as I deal with Rpg Maker, I don't have much experience with deployed stuff.

Thanks for screenshot! I'll try to download it! It seems you miss 2 files. I'll look on my side if they are missing. Maybe it's just a download error. Don't worry I'm cheking right now

(1 edit)

Hope it's the issue

I found something in my plugins, I'm fixing it. Thanks a lot for finding it!
I'll reupload as soon as they are fixed.

Case #1:
"RMMZ now requires WebGL compliant graphics cards. Without WebGL you're not going to playtest anything.
Currently about 90% of the PCs in use worldwide support WebGL though, so your playerbase should not be too affected."

That's what I found in the forums about this issue. Are you able to run any MZ game?
It's not because your computer isn't powerful enough, it just seems to be not compatible with WebGL ( required for RPG Maker MZ ).

OR Case #2:
It seems windows 8 isn't compatible with RPG Maker MZ.

interesting... I have Windows 10 and I also am able to playtest MZ and MV... I haven't tried a full game or whatnot though... but I'm unsure if it'd make a difference?


I played through this entry and wow! I really enjoyed the custom battle system so much! <3 At first it was pretty difficult for me to adjust with, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to enjoy it! You need to have perfect timing in order to defeat your enemies! It's like Dark Souls all over again for me! xD Which is a good thing! I love the idea of babies taking in adult forms to fight nightmares, I thought it was kinda cute and funny at the same time. (Especially when the baby daydreams about his time at the bar lol) xD I also love being able to receive bonuses on each enemy battles! You kinda have to study the pattern of your enemies to know when to time your attacks! Overall, I really enjoyed the challenge and intense battles that this game has to offer! Very fun and unique in terms of combat!! <3 Great job Manu! :D

Thanks for playing!