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20+ Animations!

Get lots of blood animations in this pack! Ideal for action sequences!

  • Beam
  • Heal
  • Projectiles
  • Explosions
  • Slash
  • Flame
  • Saw
  • Spear
  • And more!

== Effekseer / RPGM MZ ==

 Make sure you updated your effekseer plugins and libs before using the effekseer version in RPG Maker MZ!

== Terms Of Use ==

Take a look at these amazing Action Sequences made by Human and designed to work with these animations!

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Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnimation, blood, Effects, effekseer, mz, pack, RPG Maker


Get this asset pack and 57 more for $39.90 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
5% Off
$19.90 $18.90 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Blood Pack - 21+ Effekseer files 5 MB

Development log


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Any intentions of releasing this set for MV? I would love to nab it

I just bought this package on Steam. However, while I can see the animation fine when using your Sample Project, when I'm using the animation on my Project I cannot see any effects. Do I need the Effekseer files for the animation to work?

Hello, just copy / paste all folders & files as they are, any modification in file hierarchy will prevent the animations from working fine.


I fixed the problem. It seem I copied all the png files of the MGC_W3_BloodPack folder instead of the folder itself. Thanks for your help.

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Hi, I bought this pack, but you didn't mention we needed MGC effects.js file to use these. Please make people know before purchasing, as this is an inconvenience. Thank you

EDIT: Thanks for the help mate, I got it working with your awesome and patient guidance. A well worth set of animations as I've been seeing the possibilities giving myself ideas on how they are created in Effekseer.

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Hello, I'm just selling the animations. MGC_effects.js is not needed at all. Thanks. As long as the .efkefc files + their textures are here, there should be no issue.

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Hi mat,e unfortunately, it doesn't show in my project, just black screens, I'm actually using MGCs animation megapack and it works perfectly fine. And even your samplepack does NOT work due to the js file needed as mentioned above

I can help you with a live stream on Discord if you want to. I could show you how to install.

As I said before, a js file will never prevent an animation to play in database.

ManuGamingCreations#7132 Add me on Discord please

Don't try to run the project itself, look in Database.

I bought this pack recently, it has great animations Blood Bean is fantastic.

If you can make animations of holy spells using the color white, and black spells with the color black, sound spells (with musical notes) Black fire, blue fire would be really cool.

Hi! I have a 'holy' pack on the rails ( 50% done ), should be released next month if I'm still alive :)

Cool I'll wait, but if you die I'll kill myself.

As always, an excellent job that I will be happy to add to my project.

I have a question for you: Is it possible to order customizable animations?

Thanks for your support!

Sure it's possible, let's discuss about it before! You can find me on Discord: ManuGamingCreations#7132

good job looks awesome too bad its not in mv format also

It would have been nice to see a blood shield looping animation hehe

Hehe let me try to make one for next week I'll update the pack if I can come up with something!

If you need inspiration, have you looked at Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines game? There's a blood shield which is quite similar.

I don't know this game at all. Could you give me a youtube video reference if possible please? Or add me on Discord ManuGamingCreations#7132 if you want to talk more!

Added you on discord but here is a video: 

nice work as usual, one thing I would like to see would be nature/plants based. ranks, thorns, thorny vines holding the enemie, slashes with them used like a whip. spreading all over. crushing hard at the front like growing very fast (SView). maybe some with flowers, leaves. poisioned pollen. pink flower pedals explusion, pedals raining down. and I am sure you come up more. a poison set would make its own set. maybe also something mystical like a moon/star magic set. I imagine something more mystical looking as light, and not so bright, more like bright silver yellow in the center, glitter like sparks, fast fading to darker golden tones.

I second Dragon Mage's request!  Plants and celestial animations would be great!  Love this set!  

Thanks for the ideas! Add me on Discord we'll discuss more if you want to do so. ( ManuGamingCreations#7132 )

indeed, I have 2 other, smaller ideas. I am Michael S on discord not that you get random requests.