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Making Action Sequences seems slow, boring, hard?
Making Action Sequences takes too much time?


Use this tool & save some of your precious time!

No more words, check out how I made a simple sequence, modified it, and tested it twice in less than 40 seconds:

Check out the video tutorial made by Human Being!



Make sure to connect all nodes from "START" to "FINISH" before importing in game, or it won't work.


Q: Are the necessary Visustella plugins provided?

A: No. You can find the free Visustella plugins here: Visustella Free Sample Project.

Be aware that some commands like 'PROJECTILE' require a paid plugin for example.

Q: Can I load an already made sequence?

A: No, this feature will never be implemented as there are some plugin commands that the tool will not recognize.

Q: Can I use this tool for commercial, adult, and gore projects?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to remove the plugin before producing the deployed version of the game?

A: Yes, these files should not be distributed in a full game, along with the game project files.

Q: Will there be updates?

A: Yes, if there is a high demand for a new plugin / common event command.

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Get this tool and 57 more for $39.90 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
5% Off
$19.90 $18.90 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $18.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Action Sequence Node Editor V1.1.3 - FULL VERSION.zip 161 kB
Action Sequence Node Editor 1.1.4 - FULL VERSION 162 kB

Download demo

Action Sequence Node Editor V1.1 FREE VERSION.zip 166 kB

Development log


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Hi, do you know of any video tutorials on the action sequence plugin for VS, I just started working on this.


Sure! Here is the video made by Human Being

I was wondering. 

Is there a mv version?

Hello, no it's MZ exclusive.

The zoom function and camera focus seems to not work or I'm not doing it right

Do you have the required plugins from Visustella (it's "VisuMZ_3_ActSeqCamera")?


ah yeh i forgot to add it to my plugins that explains it

Do i have to redo the action sequence every time i load up the battle test?  let's say i closed the battle test but then want to do a few modifications to the action sequences, i open the sequence again but I have to start the whole action sequence again from scratch.

Yes, there is no way to load an action sequence from the editor the way it has been built.

Just wanna say that it doesn't work if you have Visustella plugins inside of a subfolder.

Thanks for the information.

Hey Manu, this is a life saver of a plugin, i do have a question though, is the VisuStella Impact plugin integrated. Also I tried sending you a friend request on discord, but it says you dont exisit http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Action_Sequence_Impact_VisuStella_MZ

Hello, no the Visustella Impact plugin itself isn't integrated, some commands of it are.

My Discord changed, let me give you the new one: ManuGamingCreations#6969

it's expired

(2 edits)

Hello, I purchased this plugin recently but i would ike to know if its compatible with Dragon Bones/VisuStella.

Thank you for this amazing plugin.

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

See this plugin as a Visustella visual interface, so without Visustella plugins it won't work.
It's just  a tool to help you make Action Sequences faster.

Hey I accidentally purchased your blood animation pack twice. How do i get a refund for one of them

Does this bag support Chinese?

Hello, no and it's not planned.

Very Intrigued. But a quick video demonstration would go a long way.

The first GIF on this page is a real time demo ( it's not a video since itch.io doesn't support files over 3MB on a page ).


An embedded youtube video of a simple animation would be great.

The gifs on the front page kind of shows how it works, but not enough to make me feel confident enough to spend money. Maybe someone else will make a video with it...

Or add me on Discord, I could show you in a live stream how it works, this way you'll have a better idea.
My Discord ID:       ManuGamingCreations#7132 


Purchased after seeing the Tutorial you added. Good work!

This is awesome!  A must have for visustella battle creation!

Thanks for your support!

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very interested in how this is gonna work. giving it a go now
Update: um when pressing the button it says "Your file was not found. It may have been removed or deleted. "ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"

what i have tried:

-remove any extra plugins in case there are any conflicts but the issue seems to still happen
-Start a new project with only what is required
-Made sure i disabled my Nord VPN in case its causing conflicts

Hello, could you add me on Discord please? ManuGamingCreations#7132

Or could you share console screen for me? Thanks

(1 edit)

I'll write it there, just in case the GIFs won't load on this page:

1. The ZIP file you get on this page, copy & paste it near your ***.rmmzproject file.

2. Extract it here ( without creating a new folder for it ) ( you should see a .html file and a folder appear as well )

3. Open your project in RPGMaker MZ, and activate the plugin called "MGC_ActionSequenceInterface_Plugin_1.0"

4. Make sure it's below Visustella plugins in your plugin list

5. Launch a test battle

6. Click on the button which appeared in the top left corner of your screen, it's called "Open Action Sequence Interface"

7. Enter the common event number you want to edit

8. Make your nodes

9. Click 'Import Sequence in game' to convert the nodes into a sequence in your CURRENT play test

10. When the sequence is ready, click on the red button "Save to Common Events.json". It will convert the nodes into Common Event in your database, and will close the playtest ( security from RPGM software ).


oh! was just about to sneak to bed DX but i can add u so we can continue  at any time :p

After some tests, I noticed this error appears if you didn't extract the files in a good way.

Extract ALL content of the ZIP file near your .rmmzproject, don't create a subfolder to extract content in ( as shown in GIFs above steps 1-3 ).
Second method: open the ZIP file, select & copy all content, and paste all near the .rmmzproject file.


Cough!!! oki it was me misplacing it DX thanks for da halp mate.

No worries! I'll help as much as possible.

Manu!!! What ingenuity. I've already had a ton of fun using this. Highly recommended for anyone who uses VS to make Action Sequences.